Q Fade (Fade (Black / Dark Green)

¥ 6,820

mowl Q
57 mm
Width: 45.1 mm
Weight: 61 grams

The "Q", whose traditional round shape is eye-catching, is a yo-yo that allows you to experience an unprecedented "comfortable feeling".
It is not just a round shape, but due to the slight bumps around the pad and the influence of the flat rim, it has a good throwing feeling and a feeling of liberation like feathers.
It has an organic look, yet it can be moved smoothly and lightly, and it is comfortable until the moment it fits in your hand at the last catch, providing the comfort of forgetting time and continuing to use it.

Also, by replacing the initially installed accelerator (M4x10mm) and the normal size C bearing with the attached parts, it is a hybrid type that can be changed to pullback specifications, so you can use it according to the scene.
This is the first attempt by a manufacturer, and it is a big attraction that even beginners as well as core players can relax and intuitively play by using it by pulling back.
* Please note that a replacement accelerator (M4x7mm) and a thin size C bearing were included in the 1st lot, but not from the 2nd lot.

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