Surveillance T Green / Polished Black Rim

¥ 17,875
・ Surveillance

First of all, due to the influence of the recent yo-yo boompartWe apologize for the unpleasant feeling that our products have been difficult to obtain.

Since the only thing a manufacturer can do is increase the production volume, the production volume is more than several times higher than last year, but the situation where the inventory is insufficient and there are not a few people reselling it. I am troubled by my head.

Until the current situation is improved, we will increase the production by using the following three colors of the surveillance 1st lot as standard colors.

Left: Dark Green / Polished Black Rim
Center: Varsity Red / Polished Black Rim
Right: T Green / Polished Black Rim

【please note】
● Orders for resale or resale are strictly prohibited.
* Orders in which these are suspected may be cancelled.

・ About Surveillance

Color: Varsity Red / Polished Black Rim

Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.3 mm

About the secret story of the development of the update model
mowl Ambassador The development of the second generation surveillance has begun, hoping for the further success of Daiki Tanaka.

We have received very strong support from many people.surveillance ThemowlIt can be said to be one of the symbols of the brand.To be honest, there was a big conflict in changing the model that has been supported.However, in order to explore further possibilities1stModel production2018We decided to stop at the end of the year and start developing an updated model.

While discussing the direction of the upgraded version of surveillance, why not change the aluminum material instead of making major changes in shape?Development started from that place.

1stAbout surveillance
When developing the first surveillance in the year, the concept was "a yo-yo with a bimetal structure that is easy to control."It was a yo-yo that kept the rotational force peculiar to bimetal and could give as much speed as you wanted, and could stop or move quickly when adjusting the strength of the trick.

Therefore, a spot for thumb grind is created so that the center of gravity does not move only to the outer circumference, making it easier to control the yo-yo.The thumb grind spot allows you to grab a yo-yo, hook your fingers, and expand your range of play.

And to give a margin to the length of the shaft, a protrusion is made in the center of the face to improve the durability of the yo-yo.

Surveillance shape makes it easier to grind, and as a result of researching ease of gripHIt became a profile shape.
The direct line is not too big and too small, and I designed it with the size in mind that anyone can hold it.

Deeply scooped out the edge composed of a straight shapeHDue to the profile shape, I was able to finish the yo-yo with a very satisfying rotational force without complaint.

About updated surveillance
2019While developing the prototype several times a year, I could clearly feel that "surveillance had evolved" from the moment I held it in my hand, so it became a flow of product launch.

The current situation is that we have made many trials and errors and meetings.2ndIt is a model.I made an updated model for the first time this time, but the most difficult thing was to "evolve while preserving the good points".I want to make sure to keep the good points and attract the big changesI made it with the idea.

Change weight balance
By adopting new metal1stThe face surface has been slightly changed from the model.By adopting weight balance and new metal1stThe performance has been greatly improved compared to the model.

Adopted matte rim
Sleep loss is reduced even if you hit your hand during play.It also looks elegant.

Tips and notes
There may be color unevenness or bleeding caused during alumite processing or production.Please note.

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