mowl Response Pad Black / Normal / 60 pcs

¥ 7,425

mowl Response Pad Normal
Color: Black
Type: Normal
Quantity: 60 pcs (30 yo-yos)

mowl genuine response pad.
Made in Japan produced at a domestic factory, the color is black (normal).

Stable quality produced in Japan This is a response pad for competitive yo-yos that has both performance and durability.It is a pad that has both smooth sliding and balanced return.
You can choose the hardness according to your taste and yo-yo.

* Hardness increases in the order of (soft → normal → hard).
It is generally said that the softer the pad, the better the return, and the harder the pad, the worse the return.
Currently, the mowl Response Pad has received a lot of good feedback on SNS etc. and is supported by a great many people.

Comes with a bottle with the mowl font logo and the M logo printed on the cap.
The bottle is a glass product, so pleasePlease handle with care.

We use film stickers instead of glue for the stickers.

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