High Wall Fade (Black / Silver)

¥ 7,480
・ A new model that allows you to re-recognize the original fun of yo-yos.


The low-edged yo-yos that are currently mainstream have been aged for about 13 to 14 years and have always been developed for use at the forefront of competition.At the same time, the number of controllable models aimed at simply enjoying yo-yos has decreased, and in particular, high-wall-shaped bind models have become a minority and have been left behind in the times.

However, there are still yo-yo fans who prefer high-wall models, which shows that this is a complete direction as well as yo-yo competitiveness.

The low-edge model is very easy to operate and easy to use, and it is attractive that it has a great sense of stability in the competition scene.

A yo-yo on a high wall is a yo-yo that needs to control the position of the yo-yo "always", so it can be put under complete control by the player's skill, and the degree of control will change significantly as the skill improves. Is the biggest attraction.

However, in the case of a straight high wall represented by existing models, it can be stressful for the player due to its overly sensitive nature.

for that reasonHighWallThen, in order to reduce the stress, the shape of the wall is reconstructed to moderate the oversensitive nature.

The effect of the reconstruction leaves a controllable feeling, and it is a model that you can feel the goodness of being a high wall.

Even in a nostalgic designmowl We are proud that the yo-yo has a minimalist style that is different from the "Q" that was released last year.

Recognizing the original fun of yo-yos, a skill toy that could only be born in modern times, Enjoy yo-yos casually with a new model that allows you to reaffirm the original fun of yo-yos.

mowl High Wall
Diameter: 57mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 64.8 grams

Retail (price)
Solid Color: 6,820 yen (tax included)  
Fade Color: 7,480 yen (tax included)  

Release Date
Regular sale: Sunday, April 4th, 4:20
Since the release time varies depending on the store, please contact the dealer for the sales time.

About the artwork of "High Wall"

A caricature that expresses the epitome of the harsh modern world by utilizing the shape of the High Wall, with the motif of the silhouette of a person trying to climb up a high wall from a whirlpool that sucks everything like a black hole. It is a work that includes the elements of.

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus, which was first confirmed at the end of 2019, is desperately on their own, with the ever-increasing collapse of the global economy, the collapse of conventional wisdom and values, and those who are swallowed by it. It was a year in which the individual situation changed drastically for those who were trying to aim for, those who were clinging to the last minute.

A human being who is willing to climb a higher wall for the new year is treated on the whirlpool, and the desperation to survive without losing the world is expressed with a back view that seems to be sucked in at any moment. ..

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