mowl does not use the name of the player it belongs to as a team or sponsor, but uses the word ambassador for the following reasons.

1. I want to grow together with the players I belong to on a three-legged race.
2. The players who belong tomowlI think it ’s the face of
   Ambassador (ambassador) I want you to be active in various places both inside and outside the yo-yo industry.

Eiji Okuyama -Eiji Okuyama-
Date of birth: 1987/01/16
Birthplace: Shizuoka
Play Style: 4A -off string-

PAC -Pack-
Age unknown
Birthplace: Bochum Germany
Play Style: 5A -Counter Weight-
                  2A -Double Hand Looping-

Daiki Tanaka -Daiki Tanaka-
Date of birth: 1999/8/4
Birthplace: Tokyo
Play Style: 1A --Single Hand-

Daniel Tamariz -Daniel Tamariz-
Birthplace: Madrid Spain

Date of birth: 1989/1/12
Birthplace: Barcelona Spain

Fery Pro cházka

Date of birth: 2002/02/26
Birthplace: Prague Czech Republic

Kenta Kushiro -Kenta Kushiro-

Date of birth: 2000/7/27
Birthplace: Tokyo
Play Style: 1A --Single Hand-

Eric Tran-Ton
Date of birth: 1995/12/25
Birthplace: United States
Play Style: 1A & 3A
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