Vigilancia Polilla Splash

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Daiki Tanaka's in October 2017#mowls We launched the first model in the series, Surveillance, and have since launched various models.

Design of the monometal version of surveillance began in the spring of 2020
Development under the code name of Monovelus, Daiki Tanaka's first monometal model, Vigilancia, has been completed.

The concept when developing surveillance was "a yo-yo with a bimetal structure that is easy to control."It was a yo-yo that kept the rotational force peculiar to bimetal and could give as much speed as possible, and could stop or move quickly when adjusting the strength of the trick.

Surveillance has a new type of surveillance that uses 7075 as the material in the process of evolution, but since the new surveillance was designed in the direction of enhancing the performance as a bimetal, the unique feel that was in the old surveillance has faded.

VigilanciaRetaining the characteristics of surveillance, it was the most difficult place to get closer to surveillance by modeling with only an aluminum body.

I made prototypes many times, and I was able to express well the feeling peculiar to surveillance that the rotational force is transmitted to my hand at the time of play even with the monometal version.

Vigilancia is more than just a cheaper version of surveillance, it's a family of new #mowls series from the old surveillance.I would like you to feel the uniqueness of surveillance in this Vigilancia.

The new surveillance, which is an evolution of the old surveillance, and this time Vigilancia have added new options to the previous S series with the concept of rotational force and controllability that is comparable to bimetal even in monometal.

Surveillance 1st lot 1 colors will be sold as XNUMXst lot color in Vigilancia.

mowl Vigilancia
Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 43.6 mm
Weight: 66.6 grams

・ About the artwork of "Vigilancia"


Vigilancia's artwork with the motif of a "renzatic compass" that is held at eye level and aimed at the target is reminiscent of the popular surveillance model of the #mowls series.

The Lenzatic compass has a viewing window to accurately grasp the direction of the target, it is possible to grasp the current position, accurately measure the direction of the destination, and to know your position immediately even if you get lost on a mountain road. Say you can.

It is a work that expresses "correct guidance" with the motif of a compass that means trajectory correction and accuracy.

・ Surveillance handling information

mowl Online Store


mowl Online Store
June 6th (Sun) so that you can purchase fairlyIt will be on sale at random times between 20:20 and 15:XNUMX.

Due to the recent yo-yo boom, we may run out of stock, so we may set a limit on the number of yo-yos at the time of release.


Orders for resale or resale are strictly prohibited.
Orders in which these are suspected will be cancelled. 

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