Surveil Blue / Matt Black Rim

¥ 8,910
・ Mowl Surveil 

mowl Surveil
55.9 mm
Width: 43.1 mm
Weight: 63.5 gram

Retail Price: 8,910 yen (tax included)

Surveillance development is said to be unobtainable because the price of surveillance is very high
Development started from the point where I often hear voices and asked if there was any good idea.

The shape of the surveillance is reproduced with polycarbonate material (PC material) without impairing operability and feeling.
We have succeeded in taking advantage of the light and strong advantages peculiar to PC materials.

63.5Finished with a light weight of gram, but with a light specific gravity of polycarbonate material and stainless rim
The combination gives it an unprecedented feel.

・ NEW COLORS & Restock


Clear / Matt Rainbow Rim

Yellow / Matt Rainbow Rim

Purple / Matt Rainbow Rim

Blue / Matt Black Rim

Yellow / Matt Black Rim (Restock)

Red / Matt Black Rim (Restock)

-Tips and notes

We have enough stock, but due to the recent yo-yo boom, we may run out of stock, so we may set a limit on the number at the time of release.

Orders for resale or resale are strictly prohibited.
Orders in which these are suspected may be cancelled. 

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