Plvs Vltra Dark Green / Matt Black Rim

¥ 16,775
  New proposal for high-end model

"Further forward, further, further progress"It is a bimetal yo-yo derived from the Latin word "Plvs Vltra" which means "Plvs Vltra".
Development is proceeding in a different direction from the H-profile shape Surveillance, and Plvs Vltra adopts a unique shape that combines straight and gentle curves.

The full-size A7075 body is equipped with stainless steel weights to create a powerful rotational force that allows you to sleep well until the second half of tricks and combos, while achieving excellent body balance that enables continuous trick control. doing.

The drawings were reviewed in line with the release of the second lot, and the A7075 body was successfully slimmed down, improving rotational force and operability.

It has high potential to play an active part in the competition scene, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a masterpiece alongside Surveillance.

Plvs Vltra
Diameter: 57.1 mm
Width: 43 mm
Weight: 64.5 grams
Retail Price: 16,775 yen (tax included)


・ About artwork

Plus Ultra, which means "more ahead," "more beyond," and "further advancement" in Latin, is said by a writer who studied the origin of this word to "show the entrance to another world." I am.

It is said that it seems to be an irony to the epigram "Non Plus Ultra (Nec Plus Ultra)" (there is nothing beyond this) inscribed in the mythical "pillar that shows the end of the world".

From the intangible theme of "the entrance to another world," this work depicts a new world that has yet to be seen, with the motif of a fantasy futuristic urban rocket.


Due to the recent yo-yo boom, we may run out of stock, so we will set a limit on the number of yo-yos. 

Please note that the sales method has been changed as part of resale measures and may differ from the conventional sales time.

Orders for resale or resale are strictly prohibited.
Orders in which these are suspected may be cancelled.

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