mowl Anarchy Black

¥ 5,940

mowl 1st full metal yo-yo MAs wellmowlWe designed and developed anarchy to become the flagship model of off-string yo-yos.The design concept was a model that can be used as a contest yo-yo for competitions as it is an introductory machine that can be used immediately by opening it from beginners to advanced players who have never started off-string.
And the development team was established in November 6,000 under the concept of selling for less than 2014 yen, which is affordable to everyone.The development team was led by Eiji Okuyama, a mowl producer and ambassador who was also the first World Champion in the Offstring 11A category in 2003 and has won the second World Champion in 4.

It took about two years to develop anarchy, and the number of product samples made is lightly over 2.

Durability that does not break easily when held in the hand

The place where the pad is attached is tilted to make it easier to regenerate.

If it's too thin, it could easily crack when played outside or on a hard floor.The rim is finished to an exquisite thickness that is neither too thin nor too thick.
Eiji Okuyama, who was involved in the development, has a problem with his wrist, and if he does yo-yo for a long time, his wrist will start to hurt.

If the string size is normal, the standard black spacer
If you are using a fat-sized thick string, set the double-sided red spacer or the red and black spacers to your liking.
We recommend silver / red spacers when the return is poor.

[Spacer thickness]
・ Black approx. 2.05mm ■ Initial installation
・ Red about 2.15mm
・ Green about 2.25mm
Silver spacer from the second lot (About XNUM X mm) Is abolished and a green spacer that widens the gap, which was often requested, is attached.
* Dimensions per sheet (one side).

We are confident that we offer all mowl products, so we would be grateful if you could pick them up.

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