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As a background to the sale of this T-shirt this time, he left a lot of achievements at that time because he wanted modern yo-yo players to know the old yo-yo scene.Photo with the help of Paul HanTWe will sell shirts.

A photo of Paul taken in 2020 is printed on the front

Because we have adopted the T-shirt body planned in the United States
It is larger than domestic brand T-shirts, so please check the measurement table below.

* Since it is the actual size of the sample for measurement, there may be some errors between the product delivered to you and the indicated dimensions.
Thank you for your understanding.

● About Paul Han

Many of you may know Paul, but for those who don't, I would like to introduce you briefly.

1998 US Open 2A category 2nd place

1997From around the year, he made his mark in Hawaii, which was the mecca of yo-yos at that time.
Yo-yo boom maker in the yearAlan NagaoProfessional team run by himTeam High Performance(THP) For hyper yo-yo promotion as a member10I have been to Japan.

He has a reputation for playing powerfully by incorporating acrobatic movements that match the Eurobeat, and has won many prizes in large competitions.

From around the age1AI started to participate in the department, and no one was doing it at that time2AAcrobatic movements1AIt has been highly evaluated by incorporating it into.
But he won twice in the world championships and won the national championship in 2006. 

Video of the 2006 World Championship 1A category 2nd place prize

2012 European Championship International Category 3rd place

Paul changed the style of participating in the 2A division from the 1A division and left a big result, which had a big influence on various players.

Last yearTiffany & Co.Instagram appeared and became a hot topic

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Watch @imaanhammam go for a spin with the master himself, @yoyofactorypaul.

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In 2020, on Instagram of the online magazine "HYPEBEAST" that understands the present of the world2AIt became a hot topic by showing the skill of.


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#HYPEBEAST: What would you name this trick? Shoutout @yoyofactorypaul

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Unfortunately, I'm currently away from the tournament scene, but I'm a sponsored member who has a contract with Yo-Yo Factory.We are showing you how to enjoy yo-yo on Paul's Instagram, so please check and follow Paul's Instagram as well.

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