mowl M Logo 6-Panel Cap Green

¥ 11,000

It has been decided that the first cap of the mowl brand will be released on Saturday, July 7th.
Available in two colors, navy and green.

Not a product that puts an embroidery or logo on a hat that is overflowing in the streets
I wanted to create an original from the place where I chose the material and size from 1.

Punctuation, a hat maker with a workshop in Hyogo prefecture, where two craftsmen face each other one by one and are handmade with a focus on quality.I asked to make a sample.

About design

Simple adoption of M, which is the acronym for mowl and the name of the first yo-yo released, in a cute font.

The lining of the cap is made of Punctuation's original textile design "Hyakka".

Before becoming independent, he worked for a long time at a major hat maker and started it up.
The size and materials are all as requested, and the product is satisfactory.

This is because "street wear" has become a fashion trend in recent years.
It comes in handy for small items that bring about just the right amount of change.

Inside the cap
Comes with a Punctuation name tag and brass fittings near the leather belt.

M Logo 6-Panel Cap
Color: Navy, Green (2 colors available)
Size: Medium (58cm) Large (60cm)
Price: ¥ 10,000-(excluding tax)

We have prepared a standard size M (58 cm) and a slightly larger size L (60 cm).

Comes with a genuine leather size adjustment belt.

XNUMX What is a panel cap?

The part that wraps the head of the baseball cap is a cap that is assembled by sewing fabric made of XNUMX parts. 

A rounded head and a brim to block the sun. Its form hasn't changed much since it was first adopted by the American MLB baseball team in the early 20th century.It is said to be a proof that it makes sense from the beginning and is lean.Even over time, it continues to receive support without fading.

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