mowl M Logo 6-Panel Cap Black

¥ 11,000

The first cap was released on Saturday, July 7th, and the second release was decided on Saturday, October 11rd.

We will release the new Camp Cap and the new color black of the 6-Panel Cap that was released last time.

This time too, it is not a product that puts an embroidery or logo on a hat that is overflowing in the streets
I wanted to create an original from the place where I chose the material and size from 1.

The second release of this time is also a hat maker Punctuation (Punctuation), which has a workshop in Hyogo prefecture and two craftsmen face each other one by one and are handmade and made with a focus on quality.I asked Punkture) to make a sample, and I visited the production site and took a picture of the production scenery.

About design

Image left: M Logo 6-Panel Cap  Image right: M Logo Camp Cap 

The caps to be released this time are available in 2 types and 3 colors in total.

Simple adoption of M, which is the acronym for mowl and the name of the first yo-yo released, in a cute font.

The lining of the cap is made of Punctuation's original textile design "Hyakka".

Inside the capComes with a Punctuation name tag and brass fittings near the leather belt.

Wearing image

M Logo 6-Panel Cap
Color: Black
Size: Medium (58cm) Large (60cm)
Price: ¥ 10,000-(excluding tax) 

M Logo Camp Cap
Color: Green, Black
Size: Medium (58cm) Large (60cm)
Price: ¥ 10,000-(excluding tax)
Link placement

Complete build-to-order manufacturing
● Reservation acceptance period: October xxDay (xx)From 20:10 to 23:59 on October xx (xx)

● Scheduled to be delivered at the end of October 2020

● Please note that due to system limitations, we cannot accept cancellations after your order has been placed.

What is 6-Panel Cap?
The part that wraps the head of the baseball cap is a cap that is assembled by sewing fabric made of XNUMX parts. 

A rounded head and a brim to block the sun. Its form hasn't changed much since it was first adopted by the American MLB baseball team in the early 20th century.It is said to be a proof that it makes sense from the beginning and is lean.Even over time, it continues to receive support without fading. 

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