mowl Semi Hard Yo-Yo Case

¥ 2,990
Mowl Ambassadors are using the familiar Rewind original yo-yo case, and this time Rewind made a bespoke bag with the mowl logo printed on it.

A light, durable, compact yo-yo case made of EVA material, packed with the particulars of a yo-yo specialty store. 

The sponge has a hole for storing 6 pieces and 2 small holes for storing small items such as counterweights.

There is also a pocket for storing small items and instructions. 

It's a solid material and has a certain degree of hardness, so you can put stickers on it. 

You can also remove the sponge and carry more yo-yos and goods.
You can use it in various ways depending on your ingenuity. 

Size (long side / short side / thickness) 22cm x 19cm x 7.5cm 
* Larger yo-yos such as off-string yo-yos are difficult to attach to the sponge.

* Top image quote from REWIND
The third image is a reference image.
Please note that the actual product will be the color shown on the first and second sheets.

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