# WYYC2018 Shanghai

At Hyatt Regency Shanghai Wujiaochang, August 2018-8, 9
We will be sponsoring the yo-yo world competition to be held.

We will be closed until August 8th for inspection of the event.

I will be involved in the event as a sponsor, so I am very weak, butWe will do our best to make the event even more exciting, but we would like to send it out through SNS etc.
We sold some products in advance, but we are planning to sell other limited items.

The mowl Online Store will reopen on Saturday, August 8th.
At the time of resumption, we plan to sell the products sold at the world championships and the blue rim of the new color survey.

We will inform you about new products and world competitions through SNS, so please follow mowl's SNS if you like.

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