Tombori Skill-Toy Meeting

4On Monday, 29th of MarchSTAND It will be held for the first time in collaboration with Tombori River Walk
"Tombori Skill-Toy Meeting"Will be held.

It's getting warmer in spring, so I was looking for an event outside.STAND It was possible to hold the event with the cooperation of Tombori River Walk.

Masaya Kato will take a picture of the day of the event, so participants may have a chance to see it in the video.

■ About guests
Titi Freak, who was in charge of MRL design, Yuki Nishisako, who belongs to the American yo-yo brand "Amparereldo", and Daiki Tanaka, a mowl ambassador, will participate as guests.


It was produced by the world-famous graphic artist Titifreak, who is also a yo-yo player from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Live painting by Titifreak will be held on the day of the event.

DJ htowncallin'

Yuki Nishisako-

Unparalleled Japan team captain. 2018rd place in the 3 World Championships 2017 California bay area classic A world-class young player with many achievements such as winning the championship.His own model yo-yo is also on sale all over the world.

Daiki Tanaka -Daiki Tanaka-

mowl Ambassador active player.He has also advanced to the finals of the world championships and is active in competitions both in Japan and overseas.He has been attracting attention by performing at various events with his unique style.His own model yo-yo is also on sale all over the world.

Pre-sale of mowl MRL to be released on May 5st

An unparalleled pop-up shop will also be held at the same time.
It is said that the products for sale are currently being adjusted, so please check with Unparalleled's Twitter.
unparalleled Twiter:

On the day of the event, we are planning to hold a mini event and a workshop by Nishisako and Daiki Tanaka.

Dates: April 2019, 4 (Monday / holiday) from 29:14 to 00:18
* In case of rain4Schedule changed to Tuesday, 30th of March

STAND Tombori River Walk

STAND Tombori River Walk
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