About Surveillance Ti "βeta"

It will be on sale from 8:22 on Saturday, August 20nd.
We will inform you about the details of each color regarding Surveillance Ti "βeta".

Surveillance Ti 

Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Diameter: 55.7mm
Width: 42.6mm
Weight: 64 gram
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Full titanium surveillance, further refining the stability of the original surveillance,
Moreover, it is a model that has succeeded in reducing the weight by about 2g.

It is a titanium model that is easy to move with a small force and is easy to support a wide range of styles.

About 4 colors of Surveillance Ti "βeta"
I announced it on the blog I released the other day,
As the first attempt, we asked a domestic factory to perform anodizing and produced the "βeta" to be released this time.

The Surveillance Ti Beta version to be released this time is available in 4 colors: "Radical Chemical", "Sparkle Sunrise", "Golden leaf" and "Vivid Poison".

The price is 59,000 yen including tax of 64,900 yen (excluding tax).

Surveillance Ti "Radical Chemical"

Matte gold is added to the aqua / purple fade color that was released in M ​​in the past and has been very popular, and it is finished in a calm and aggressive color.

Surveillance Ti "Sparkle Sunrise"

Light blue Light green and pink3It is a beautiful coloring that can be associated with the tropical Asahi with the fade color of the color.

Surveillance Ti "Golden Leaf"

It is processed to have golden feathers on a single color of gold.

Surveillance Ti "Vivid Poison"

It is a half color of aqua blue and purple.When viewed from the vertical, aqua blue and purple reflect each other, and the central part is a beautiful color that can only be expressed with titanium.

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