[Stock Information] Surveillance Inferno


mowl Surveillance 
Color: Varsity Red / Matt Black Rim
Logo: Inferno
Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.3 mm
Weight: 65.1 Gram
Designed in Japan 
Made in China 

Scheduled to be released on Saturday, July 2020, 7

[About artwork]

Each mowl branded product artwork has a story.

Above all
Surveillance with an eye motif is one of the products that has continued to evolve with imaginative artwork.

The world of Surveillance, which will continue to expand, will be developed into the beginning of a new story with Inferno released this time. 

The fire pattern drawn in a ring on the body of Varsity Red was created with the motif of a divine song written by Dante, the greatest poet in Italian literature.

The surveillance "Inferno" scheduled to be released this time expresses the [entrance to the citadel heated by the flames of eternity] in the work of the Divine Comedy. 

The world of Inferno, which has an inverted triangular pyramid fault structure,The logo is made to be expressed three-dimensionally using the shape of the yo-yo, and the design is finished so that you can enjoy the world view of Surveillance from any angle of 360 degrees.

The Rewind Shibuya store is also planning to release Surveillance Inferno.
We will inform you on the blog and SNS as soon as the event schedule is decided.

* Only a small amount will be sold, so it may be sold out due to a time lag.Please note.

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