[June 6th (Sat) 5: 19-LIVE] Rewind Shibuya TV shopping "Yo! Check!"

Rewind Shibuya TV shopping "Yo! Check!"


Rewind Shibuya 5th Anniversary
Rewind Shibuya TV shopping "Yo! Check!"
November 2021, 6 (Sat) 5: 19-

This blog post will be updated from time to time when there are additions to the items for sale.
Last updated: Friday, June 6th, 4:21

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Rewind Shibuya store celebrated its 2021th anniversary on March 3, 3.Until now, the 5th anniversary event has been postponed, but this time we will release a product to celebrate the rewind Shibuya store in the form of TV shopping on YouTube LIVE.

The Rewind Shibuya store and mowl have walked together for more than half of each other's history and have laid the foundation for the now-standard "store event" together.

The 5th anniversary event of the Rewind Shibuya store is full of special items such as new releases in advance!

Release item 

Surveillance (REWIND Shibuya Edition)

Retail Price: 18,975 yen

M (REWIND Shibuya Edition)

Retail Price: 6,820 yen

Retail Price: 5,940 yen
With Polilla SplashZipangu will be available at the actual Rewind Shibuya store, which will be held in the future. 

Retail Price: 12,650 yen (tax included)

Retail Price: 12,650 yen (tax included)

MRL Shells

Retail Price: 3,960 yen (tax included)



Red / Matt Black Rim
Yellow / Matt Black Rim
Clear / Matt Rainbow Rim
Please note that only the above XNUMX colors will be available.


Plvs Vltra

Candy Dice Pro mowl drop

Retail Price: 1,090 yen (tax included)

Many items have a limited number of preparations.In addition, we also want more people to pick up the product, so in addition to the usual TV shopping, we have set up a lot of precautions, so please check.

 Precautions for sale

About sales
・ Each item is limited to one per person per color.

・ Each item will be sold in order on the special page.Please note that the QR code and access URL are different for each item.

・ Please refrain from canceling the product unless there are special circumstances so that more people can pick up the product.If it is determined to be malicious, we may refuse to use it.

・ Each item and the number of preparations are limited.Please forgive it when it is sold out.

In addition, orders for resale or resale are strictly prohibited.

・ You can access the special sales page only from the QR or chat field displayed on the screen.You can purchase it at the same time as other products, and free shipping for purchases of XNUMX yen or more.

・ Due to the increase in access due to the start of item sales, the speed of the site may become very slow at the time of purchase.It may take some time to complete the purchase process, but we appreciate your understanding and understanding.

About shipping
・ TV shopping All orders during the shopping broadcast will be shipped after Tuesday at the earliest.

・ Please note that even if you do not order the products sold on TV shopping, the orders being broadcast will be shipped after Tuesday.

・ All orders before and after the broadcast will be shipped on Monday as usual.

・ If you place an order before or after the broadcast and wish to include it in the order during the TV shopping broadcast, please be sure to enter the order number you wish to include in the remarks column.

・ If there is no description in the remarks column, we will arrange it as an independent order.