REWIND Anniversary BOX # 6 & Pop Up Store

About mowl MRL

Mowl's new MRL will be released on Saturday, March 3th as the sixth "MRL BOX" of the Yo-Yo Store Rewind anniversary project "Anniversary Box".This work was proposed by the manager of REWIND Shibuya store, Shingo Terada, and we were able to complete this project with the help of the design team of "Yoyo Studio Llama", the first Yoyo studio in Aomori.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the manager Terada and Mr. Yoyo Studio Llama for "Yoyo Studio Llama".

* The T-shirt worn by the model is a sample product, so it may differ from the actual T-shirt design.
The design we will deliver is the third mockup item.
T-shirts will be delivered around the end of April.

MRL is a concept model that can be replaced with various shapes of bodies by exchanging the shell. The "MRL BOX" is a great value box that includes a replacement 3D printer shell (body) and candy dice produced by the manager Terada.

Also, as many of you may know this artwork was a special guest of 44CLASH held at the end of last year, Titifreak, a yo-yo player from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is also a world-famous graphic artist. It was produced by (Chichi Freak).

TitiFreaks Instagram:

As requested by the store manager Shingo Terada (Singo Terada), the small size fits in my hand, and I was able to finish it as a model that I want to carry casually.In the future, we plan to sell shell parts with different shapes and shell parts made by 3D printers.We hope that you will take this opportunity to pick up the MRL and look forward to future developments.

[Anniversary box set contents]
・ Mowl x Llama x Shingo Terada "MRL with 01 shells"
・ YoYoMaker "MRL-D01 shells"
・ YoYoMaker "Candy Dice Pro Deep Groove (Limited Pocari color)"
・ Rewind "Slim Pad Set"
・ Mowl "Long Sleeve T-Shirt designed by Titi Freak"

[Anniversary box release date and price]
18,000 yen (tax included)
Rewind Shibuya store: Saturday, March 3
Rewind WEB main store: April 4 (Monday) 1:22

Obsession about new colors

Obsession, the second release of Obsession, will be released in four types based on black and gold.

Obsession regular version



Obsession Limited Edition
This item is limited to the mowl Online Store, Pop-Up Store and Rewind Shibuya store.

Double Black


The Shibuya Yoyo Club will also be held on the day of the event, and a workshop will be held from 15:XNUMX by Daiki Tanaka, a staff member of the rewind Shibuya store who is also a mowl ambassador. 

Please check the Rewind Shibuya store's blog for the event schedule.

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