May 5st (Friday) About resale products

We have decided to re-release the following products that are currently sold out.
Due to limited stock, only small quantities will be resold this time.

It will be on sale at the mowl Online Store from 5:1 on May 20st (Friday).

The target is the following products.

Surveillance Ti

The top model of the mowl flagship Surveillance.

The conventional surveillance has been fully titaniumized, the stability of the original surveillance has been further refined, and the weight has been reduced by approximately 2g.

It is the top model that is easy to move with a small force and easy to support a wide range of styles.

mowl Anarchy

It is a model that can be used widely from beginners who have never started off-string to advanced users.

The weight is reduced to the limit while adding rotational force, and in addition to the fit when held in the hand and the durability that does not break easily, the structure is such that the pad is inclined and easy to regenerate.



The second obsession of the mowl monometal series is a royal step round shape.


Although it is a middle size model, it is a model that emphasizes power, which makes it powerful and long-lasting.