[Stock Information] M (New Color) Surveillance Surveillance Release Notice

The following products will be on sale from 6:20 on Saturday, June 20th.

M Owl Logo 

mowl The first full-metal yo-yo, "M"
With dark green, which is the image color of mowl
Two colors of refreshing dark aqua blue
We will release the fade color "Ocean Fade" that adopts.

HBased on the profile shape, a round shape is also incorporated, and the design emphasizes the feel when gripping and the comfort of throwing.

It is a product that anyone, from beginners to experts, can enjoy.

* Mowl partner shops will be available after June 6th (Sat), but Rewind Shibuya will be available for purchase from June 27th (Sat).

Surveillance & Surveil


* Left image: Survey Matte Gold USA Edition only sold

The above product has been sold out since its release,We will sell a small amount of stock only for the manufacturer stock and cancellation on the same day.

There are no plans to restock the same color at this time, so if you are interested, please purchase as soon as possible.

The Rewind Shibuya store is also planning to release some colors from Saturday, June 6th.
For details, see Rewind ShibuyaBlogYou can check on

* Only a small amount will be sold, so
It may be sold out due to a time lag.Please note.

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