About products released on Saturday, September 7

We would like to inform you about the new products that will be released from 7:11 on Saturday, September 20th.

You can see the details of the released items on each product page.

M 6-Panel Cap

It has been decided that the first cap of the mowl brand will be released on Saturday, July 7th.
Available in two colors, navy and green.

You can check the detailed product details from the link below.

M Circle Logo

The first full-metal yo-yo, "M"

With dark green, which is the image color of mowl
Two colors of refreshing dark aqua blue
We will release the fade color "Ocean Fade" that adopts.

The Circle Logo is a limited edition item for the mowl Online Store and pop-up events.

HBased on the profile shape, a round shape is also incorporated, and the design emphasizes the feel when gripping and the comfort of throwing.

It is a product that anyone, from beginners to experts, can enjoy.

mowl Embroidered Tee
One-point embroidery on the left chest with a laser-engraved owl on the anarchy and the dial of the first surveillance

White: navy embroidery
Black: Phosphorescent (glow) embroidery

Black is embroidered using phosphorescent thread.Absorbs ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight and lightingIt glows in the dark.

You can wear it simply by putting on a shirt or jacket on a simple outfit.

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