mowl Pop-Up Store at Rewind Shibuya

On Sunday, February 2thIt will be held for the 6th time at Rewind Shibuya store.
We will inform you about the event details of the mowl Pop-Up Store and the products to be sold.

We would appreciate it if you could check the specifications of the released items on the product page.

Surveillance Ti

Surveillance "1.9 Prototype"

Nocturnal Dark Green / Gold (FADE)

Nocturnal Red / Silver 

Nocturnal “Raw”

“Owl Logo” Dark Green / Gold


“Circle Logo” Dark Green / Gold



Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt

▼ About the workshop
A workshop by Daiki Tanaka will be held from 13:XNUMX.
I want you to tell me the tricks you are doing in freestyle etc.
If you have any tricks, please feel free to ask Tanaka or the staff of the practice session.

▼ For those who are looking for limited edition products
It will be on sale from 13:XNUMX, so if you would like to purchase it, please line up from the entrance of Rewind Shibuya Point toward the stairs.
* Some items are in stock very low, so please be forewarned if they are sold out due to time lag.

▼ Holding store information
Rewind Shibuya store
Room 1, Kitatani Mansion, 7-9-503 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

We look forward to welcoming you.