[New Bimetal] Plvs Vltra

We would like to inform you about the third bimetal yo-yo Plvs Vltra.

mowl Plvs Vltra

Diameter: 57.1 mm
Width: 43 mm
Weight: 64.6 grams
Price: 16,775 yen (tax included)

A new proposal for high-end models.

A bimetal yo-yo derived from the Latin word "Plvs Vltra," which means "more, more, more, more."
Development is proceeding in a different direction from the H-profile shape Surveillance, and Plvs Vltra adopts a unique shape that combines straight and gentle curves.

The full-size A7075 body is equipped with stainless steel weights to create a powerful rotational force that allows you to sleep well until the second half of tricks and combos, while achieving excellent body balance that enables continuous trick control. doing.

It has high potential to play an active part in the competition scene, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a masterpiece alongside Surveillance.

Two colors are available, a purple body and a dark green body, based on the matte rose gold rim.

Release date
mowl Online Store Pre-sale: Saturday, September 9th, around 5:20
General release date: After Saturday, September 9
General release date: Changed after Saturday, September 9th.

Handling information

Dark Green / Matt Rose Gold
mowl Online Store & mowl Pop-Up Store at Rewind Shibuya & Limited handling only in TV shopping "Yo! Check!"

Purple / Matt Rose Gold
mowl Online Store & Available at all domestic mowl partner shops
Regular sale: After Saturday, September 9

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