10/6 (Tue) Osaka Skill-Toy Meeting

We would like to inform you about the Osaka Skill-Toy Meeting scheduled to be held on October 10th (Tuesday).

KALON, a graphic logo artist in Osaka who worked on logos such as surveillanceWill be held for the first time in collaboration with"Osaka Skill-Toy Meeting"Will be held.

Event overview

Osaka Skill-Toy Meeting
Holding time: Tuesday, October 10th, 6: 18-22: XNUMX
Admission free
Venue: Slices
Yoshimoto Building 2F, 3-21-1 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

This time, we will rent a place from Slices, who has a store just after entering Mitsudera-suji from Midosuji toward American Village.

About the event
With the aim of prospering yo-yo culture, we wanted to expand our ties with other industries such as music and apparel, so we decided to hold an event jointly with KALON, which continues to produce in the design and music industry.

For the first time, we are calling guest players who are active in the yo-yo world and DJs who are active in the hip-hop field in Osaka, so we hope that you can play across industries and enjoy yo-yo and music sessions. We are doing it.

Please note that you cannot bring in drinks.

※last year
Please note that the venue is different from the one held on April 4 (Monday).

We have released a video of the event held in Dotonbori last year on Youtube, so please have a look.

The second and subsequent times
Although it is irregular, we plan to hold it several times a year.Information will be posted on this blog each time.

About guests

Hank Freeman

2011-2013 World Championship 3A Category Champion

Needless to say, world champion Hank Freeman will also be attending the event.

Born in the United States, crossed the border and moved to the Czech Republic for a while, now living in Thailand.As a yo-yo player who crosses the world, the lifestyle of living freely is one of the factors that captivates people and is loved by many people.

He has visited Japan more than 10 times and is one of the players familiar to Japanese people.

Shingo Terada-Shingo Terada-

Rewind Shibuya store manager, planning events at the store and producing limited items.
2001 Yo-Yo World Championship X Division Champion, developing tricks such as beasting and electric fans that are the basis of 5A.
Since 2004, he has appeared in Oha Suta, TVCM, etc. as the main character of Bandai's 2nd Hyper Yo-Yo, and also served as a lecturer for New Year's hidden arts.
He also has experience living in the United States and deepens friendships with overseas players.

A pop-up store for the Rewind Shibuya store will be held at the event.

Yuki Nishisako-

Unparalleled Japan team captain.
2018 & 2019 World Championship 1A Category 3rd place
2017 California bay area classic victory
A world-class young player with many achievements.
His own model yo-yo is also on sale all over the world.

Unparalleled will also open in a pop-up on the day of the event.

In this article, we have introduced the yo-yo players who are planning to participate in the event.
Next time, we will inform you about the DJs and the event that will liven up the venue.

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