About new mowl partner shop

Opened on January 1, the topic is boilingFISTSALUD Official Store
We would like to inform you that we have become a partner shop of mowl.

M FISTSALUD Edition made to commemorate the 6th anniversary of FISTSALUD
General sale
Only XNUMX online stores, FIST SALUD and mowl.

Since it was sold in advance at 800YOYO CLASS
The inventory is extremely small.
If you wish to purchase, please purchase as soon as possible.

The FISTSALUD Edition is scheduled to go on sale around 2018:2 on February 14, 20 (Wednesday).

Mowl products will be available at the FIST SALUD Official Store from February 2th.
Because it is plannedPlease look forward to it.

FISTSALUD Official Store
URL: https://fistsalud.store