[New] Announcement of MRL-RE01 release

Diameter: 53.7 mm
Width: 45.6 mm
Price: 11,500 + tax 

mowl x Yoyo Studio Llama x Shingo Terada --MRL-RE01
A collaboration concept model of REWIND Shibuya store manager "Terry", which consists of a hub and shell (body) and has an unusual structure that can be customized.

We have redesigned the 2001 shell released as the initial version of the triple collaboration model "MRL" of the domestic brand "Maul", "Yoyo Studio Llama" from Aomori, and the 01 world champion / rewind Shibuya store manager, Shingo Terada.

By exchanging the shell, it can be used in various ways, and because it is a concept model that supports various play styles, the hub (metal parts in the center) is intentionally given weight.

As a result, MRL had many restrictions at the time of design, but by designing and testing many shells (body shape and weight) including unreleased works, and deriving the appropriate weight for MRL, further " It has evolved into a "playable customized yo-yo".

This work is the culmination of a machined polycarbonate shell.
Please experience it with that hand.

About special processing
We had a connection with Mr. DENKEN, who has a company in Osaka city, and had him apply alumite to the logo color using DENKEN's original alumite technology.

Since its establishment as Ikuno Electrolytic Industry Co., Ltd. in 1960 (Showa 35), DENKEN has been involved in aluminum surface treatment of various products, making use of the technical capabilities cultivated there, and earning the trust of customers by performing customer-oriented business. Has been enhanced.

MRL's hub hub parts to be released this time are specially anodized and coated, and DENKEN's original special processing is the first in the industry?I had you finish it in a splendid processing.

We cannot disclose all the information, but we will introduce the production scenery with a few photos on the blog.

About artwork
The artwork of 10 mowl products so far is packed into one piece, and it is designed so that you can enjoy the artwork of successive mowl with one yo-yo.

For those who purchase mowl products on a daily basis, use the familiar package, list the names of successive works, and list them.
I quietly checked MRL and foreshadowed the commercialization.
I think that those who are familiar with mowl fans and those who have purchased the mowl 4th Anniversary T-shirt may have noticed the commercialization of MRL.

Release information
In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of KALON who always provides artwork, MRL-RE01 with a special color gold / black body will be sold to XNUMX people by lottery.

Please refer to KALON's blog for the lottery method.
KALON JAPAN: https://www.kalonjapan.com/

Different colors are available for general sale and are scheduled to be released around March 3th.

LINE: https://lin.ee/uhstHiw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mowl_official
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mowl_jp/