Announcement of MRL-03 Surveillance release

MRL was released to the general public on May 5st last year.
One year after its release, the third MRL-5 will be on sale on May 1st.

MRL-03 Surveillance

Diameter: 52 mm

Width: 41.1mm
Weight: 59 Gram

MRL-03 ismowlWe sampled and produced the shape of surveillance, which is one of the symbols of the brand. ..Within the development team, we were working on a project under the name "Surveillance Mini".

Of course, MRL-03 is one of the new signature models of mowl ambassador Daiki Tanaka.Therefore, Daiki Tanaka commented on MRL-03. "It's a small size that is easy to take out, but you can feel the rotation even in the MRL series.The result is a catchy feeling that you can easily play. "

About graphic design

This is a graphic design of MRL Surveillance with the motif of a king snake.The King Snake is said to support the weight of the whole world with its head, suggesting the composition of the world that can be read from the conventional Surveillance.The letters Surveillance on the back of the hub, which is transparent from the translucent polycarbonate body, are excellent in design, creating beauty and gorgeousness.

Laser engraved "Surveillance" on the rim part, but in order to express a three-dimensional effect, we decided to engrave the logo in a size that extends beyond the area of ​​the rim to give a three-dimensional effect.

In addition to the surveillance official logo released the other day, this time MRL-03 is
It was finished by Osaka graphic designer KALON. From 2020, we started to publish works mainly on Instagram.You can check her work full of unique world view on Instagram and blog below.


About MRL

Yoyo brand Yoyo Studio Llama from Aomori

2001 World Champion / Rewind Shibuya store manager, "Shingo Terada" and mowl triple collaboration model.

As you may already know, the parts can be disassembled as shown in the above picture.The yo-yo is composed mainly of hub parts (made of aluminum), and the shell (body) can be replaced and customized, which is a rare "play" element in recent years.

A concept model that changes to various usability by exchanging the shell and supports various play styles.We support machined polycarbonate (plastic) and filaments (materials) for 3D printers.

About MRL-01 & MRL-02


Wide body made of machined plastic (polycarbonate material).The shape is inspired by that model, which Rie has used in the past, and it is small and easy to fit in your hand.

MRL-02 Shells

Round shape sampled from freehand zero

The biggest feature is that it can be fitted with a raptor or freehand zero compatible 48mm cap, and it can be replaced with a C- (thin) bearing.This further expands the range of customization.

About future MRL release plan

We are planning to release MRL-2020 & MRL-04 in collaboration with two North American yo-yo companies in the summer of 05.We will also announce this on our blog and SNS, so please look forward to it.