New release on March 3 About the survey

From around 3:15 on March 0thnew type"Surveil- Survey-"Will be on sale.

mowl Surveil
Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Diameter 55.9mm
Width 43.1 mm
Weight 63.5 gram
Pad hkmt equipment grip-C

There are 1 types of color development for the XNUMXst lot.
Some colors are limited to Rewind and mowl Online Store.

Clear + Polished Silver Rim

Clear Body / Polished Silver Rim

mowl Surveil Black / Black Rim

mowl Surveil Clear / Black Rim (mowl Online Store limited color)

REWIND limited color
The two types of gray core parts in the center are limited to Rewind.