Release information of new model "Survey"

new type"Surveil- Survey-"But3Month15It will be released on Sunday (Thursday).

mowl Surveil (Maul Survey)
Diameter 55.9mm
Body width 43.1mm
weight 63.5G
Price 8,910 yen (normal version including tax)

Surveillance development is said to be unobtainable because the price of surveillance is very high
Development started from the point where I often hear voices and asked if there was any good idea.

The shape of the surveillance is reproduced with polycarbonate material (PC material) without impairing operability and feeling.
We have succeeded in taking advantage of the light and strong advantages peculiar to PC materials.

63.5Finished with a light weight of gram, but with a light specific gravity of polycarbonate material and stainless rim
The combination gives it an unprecedented feel.

Taking over the surveillance design, we adopted the artwork of "eyes" and "dial".

The survey has the potential to become the new flagship model for mowl products.
For those who have never picked up a mowl product or who are hesitant to purchase surveillance
It's a yo-yo that you can recommend with confidence.
Please purchase from your nearest yo-yo shop or mowl Online Store.

3Month15Pre-sale will be available before the general release on Sunday (Thursday).
Rewind Shibuya store3Month3It will be the second anniversary of the day
A new design was created to commemorate the anniversary, and the silhouette of the city of Tokyo was incorporated into the body of the survey.

"Survey" Rewind Shibuya store2The Anniversary Limited Edition can only be purchased in the Anniversary Box.
* Rewind Shibuya store2Anniversary "Anniversary Box" Details
Release date:2018Years3Month3Sun (Sun)
Price: 20,000Yen
Contents:mowlNew product "Saber" etc.mowlMade yo-yo2Individual
  ・ Various accessories such as limited candy dice

A sample of the survey is available at Rewind Shibuya, so please try it.

Please check the URL below for more details.