mowl Pop-Up Store at Rewind Shibuya

On Saturday, September 12It will be held for the 4th time at Rewind Shibuya store.
We will inform you of the products that will be sold at the mowl Pop-Up Store.

CHIP, a mowl ambassador living in Barcelona, ​​will visit us as a special guest.
At the Shibuya Yo-Yo Club, which will be held on the same day as the event, we will hold a pocket trick workshop that was also shown at 44 CLASH.

▼ About products for sale

1. Obsession 
2. Surveillance 44CLASH Edition & Regular (Left Eye)
3. M + 44CLASH Edition
4. M 44CLASH Edition & SLUSNY Edition
5. Anarchy 

1. Obsession

Diamatter: 54.5 mm
Width: 42mm
Weight: 65.7 gram

mowlThe first undersized obsession yo-yo will be released in advance at 44CLASH.

Many requests for undersize55 mmThere were many people who felt that it was big, so it was 54.5 mm.Derive the diameter and during playI made several samples to reduce sleep loss and finished it perfectly.

The graphic design at the time of general sale has changed and will be sold only at Rewind Shibuya store and mowl Online Store.

2. Surveillance 44CLASH Edition & Regular (Left Eye)

For 44CLASH, we asked 44nollie, who is active both inside and outside the yo-yo industry, to create a new limited logo.
The artwork expresses the looseness of the illustration and his vision in the brain.

The laser engraving is very beautiful, so please check it by shining light on the actual item when you come to the event.


* The 44CLASH Edition of the black body silver rim is sold only at the 44CLASH booth.

3. M + 44CLASH Edition

This is a limited design with the motif of the legendary bird Yatagarasu that appears in the Kiki Emperor Jimmu Toseitan.

4. M 44CLASH Edition & OWL Logo 

New colors gold and purple released since it was released in July 2017
Similar to M +, we also sell limited 44CLASH limited design with Yatagarasu motif.

M SLUSNY Edition

I created a motif of the lion of the Czech national emblem, and dropped the scenery of a famous building in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, into a yo-yo in a circular shape.

* The item is called the mowl Pop-Up Store.Czech yo-yo shop SLUSNY
  This item is only available at the mowl Online Store.

 5. Anarchy

All colors are back in stock to coincide with the 12st anniversary of Anarchy, which was released on December 1st last year.

Schedule:      2018年 12Due by March 1thSun (sat)
time:   13From time
Location: Rewind Shibuya Mr
      Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Jinnan XNUMX-chome XNUMX-Nine Chatan Mansion 305issue
Cost: Free

We look forward to welcoming you.