mowl Pop-Up Store at Rewind Shibuya & TV shopping "Yo! Check!"

On Saturday, September 9It will be held for the 7th time at Rewind Shibuya store.
We will inform you about the event details of the mowl Pop-Up Store and the products to be sold.

We have described notes for those who wish to participate in the event.
Please make a reservation from the store visit reservation page only if you understand the following notes and wish to participate in the event.

* Up to 1 people can visit the store for 2 person reserved.Product sales are on a first-come, first-served basis.Please note that purchase restrictions may be set depending on the item arrival status.

* To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, we will limit the number of people who can enter the store at each time to three.Please note that the in-store usage time is limited to 30 minutes.

* The usage time cannot be extended.Please note that even if you arrive late, you will not be able to extend it.

* We are very sorry, but when the reservation is filled, please register to wait for cancellation or select another time zone.

* Event-limited products can only be purchased by the person who made the reservation from this page and his / her companion.In addition, entry restrictions will be applied on the day of the event.

* The event may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances such as requests from the government.In that case, we will inform you on the Rewind Shibuya store blog or SNS.

* If you have a fever or are not feeling well on the day of the event, please cancel your reservation or refrain from visiting the store.

Visit reservation page
9Month6Sun (Sun)PM20:00Start accepting
We accept reservations through an external service.

Newly released product

Plvs Vltra
diameter: 57.1 mm
Width: 43 mm
Weight: 64.6 grams

A new proposal for high-end models.

A bimetal yo-yo derived from the Latin word "Plvs Vltra" which means "more, more, more".
Development progresses in a different direction from the H-profile shape Surveillance,
Plvs Vltra adopts a unique shape that combines straight and gentle curves.

The full-size A7075 body is equipped with stainless steel weights to create a powerful rotational force that allows you to sleep well until the second half of tricks and combos, while achieving excellent body balance that enables continuous trick control. doing.

mowl Q

diameter: 57 mm
Width: 45.1 mm
Weight: 61 grams

The "Q", whose traditional round shape is eye-catching, is a yo-yo that allows you to experience an unprecedented "comfortable feeling".
It is not just a round shape, but due to the slight bumps around the pad and the influence of the flat rim, it has a good throwing feeling and a feeling of liberation like feathers.
It has an organic look, yet it can be moved smoothly and lightly, and it is comfortable until the moment it fits in your hand at the last catch, providing the comfort of forgetting time and continuing to use it.

Surveillance Inferno

The fire pattern drawn in a ring on the body of Varsity Red was created with the motif of a divine song written by Dante, the greatest poet in Italian literature.

Surveillance Inferno represents the [entrance to the citadel, which was heated by the flames of eternity] in the composition of the Divine Comedy. 

The world of Inferno, which has an inverted triangular pyramid fault structure,The logo is made to be expressed three-dimensionally using the shape of the yo-yo, and the design is finished so that you can enjoy the world view of Surveillance from any angle of 360 degrees.
* Please note that only advance lottery sales will be available.

Surveil Tokyo Edition Matt Black Rim

* Please note that only advance lottery sales will be available.

M Circle Logo

mowl The first full-metal yo-yo, "M"
Two colors, dark green, which is the image color of mowl, and refreshing dark aqua blue
Fade color "Ocean Fade"

It is a product that anyone, from beginners to experts, can enjoy.

The Circle Logo to be released this time is a limited product of the mowl Online Store and REWIND Shibuya store.

Paul Han Tee
Paul Tee, which was sold at the mowl Online Store the other day, will also be on sale.

* Depending on the situation, the event may be postponed again.In that case, we will inform you through our blog and SNS.

▼ Holding store information
Rewind Shibuya store
1-7-9 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 
Chatan Mansion Room 503


Rewind Shibuya TV shopping "Yo! Check!" Will be held from 9:12 on September 19th (Sat) on the same day.

We look forward to welcoming you.