mowl Pop-Up Store At REWIND Shibuya

2018Years6Month6Day yo yo daymowl The2Anniversary.
We will hold a 6nd anniversary event on June 3rd (Sun) at Rewind Shibuya store.

▼ Event summary 
XNUMX-Limited model released

XNUMX-mowl Pop-Up Store
XNUMX-Exhibit all products released in the past
XNUMX-mowl Workshop by Ambassador Daiki Tanaka

* Because the estimated arrival date of the products sold at the mowl Pop-Up Store is just before the event.
If the arrival of your luggage is delayed due to customs or weather conditions, it will be postponed.
When the arrival status of the luggage is confirmed, we will inform you again on the blog and Twitter.

About Daiki Tanaka
The promotional video of the survey that was released the other day
# 2018JN 1 I am a mowl ambassador who participated in the A category.
Daiki Tanaka's workshop will be held from 16:XNUMX on the day of the event.

Event Information
Schedule:      2018年 6Due by March 3thSun (Sun)
time:   13-17%
Location: Rewind Shibuya Mr
      Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Jinnan XNUMX-chome XNUMX-Nine Chatan Mansion 305issue
Cost: Free

We look forward to welcoming you!