mowl Online Store Limited Purchase Benefits

To everyone who regularly uses mowl products
We would like to inform you about the purchase benefits limited to the mowl Online Store.

May 2020, 5, still new to everyone's memory,
The government has issued a state of emergency as a special measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Along with the state of emergency, we will give away free pads (2 sheets) for each yo-yo as an accessory to customers who purchased at the mowl Online Store so that they can enjoy yo-yos even a little while spending time at home. I received it.

Currently, the state of emergency has been relaxed, but we hope that you will continue to enjoy yo-yos.
Because many customers have very well received the accessories.
Mowl will continue Only for customers who have purchased a yo-yo from the Online Store
We will give you a pad as a purchase privilege.

We look forward to your continued patronage.