mowl Obsession “Raw” & MRL Restock Notice

Information on new products that will be on sale at the mowl Online Store from 5:12 on Sunday, May 20th.

mowl Obsession “RAW”
Diamatter: 54.5 mm 
Width: 42mm 
Weight: 65.7 gram
Price: 7,400 + tax
This item is limited to the mowl Online Store and the mowl Pop-Up Store that will be held in the future.

mowl MRL
Diameter: 51.03mm
Width: 46.26mm
Weight: 65.1gram 
Designed by Yoyo Studio Llama

The popular MRL will be resold from 5:12 on Sunday, May 20th.
Please note that due to the very low stock quantity, it may be sold out due to a time lag.