mowl Nocturnal & MRL-002

4Month4We released the promotion video on the daymowl NocturnalWill be announced as it has been decided to be released.

mowl Nocturnal 

直径 Diamatter: 56.8 mm 
Width Width: 47.6mm 
weight Weight: 66.3 gram

Diamatter: 56.8 mm 
Width: 47.6mm 
Weight: 66.3 gram

Although it is designed in a wide full size, it is designed so that it can be moved comfortably during play and it turns well.Some people say that it fits well in your hand when you hold it in your hand and is addictive. 

The motif of the logo is the sun and the moon, and the same designer as Obsession created the logo design by hand and corrected the details many times to finish the logo with satisfaction.

The fade color is engraved with the moon on the black side and the sun on the silver side.

Month13Sun (sat)13Rewind from time Pre-sale at Shibuya store
     Pre-sale at the mowl Online Store from 20:XNUMX
Month20It will be available at partner shops from Sunday (Saturday).

Price: 7,400 yen + Tax (Dark Green)
         8,250 yen + Tax (Fade Color)

Items without the logo are limited to Rewind Shibuya and mowl Online Store.

It was scheduled to be released in the spring, but we are very sorry to everyone who waited for the release to be delayed for several months.


Only the body (shell) is sold.

Was standard equipment01Included in the shell, Rewind-sama's anniversary box3DMade by printer, honeycomb structureD01We have released the shell. 

No. XNUMX for machined plastic2This work that becomes a bullet "02"Shell"MRLProduced based on the past signature model of Terry, who handles the direction of.Not to mention the design, Yo-Yo Studio Llama is working on it.

The biggest feature is48 mmThe cap can be attached andC-It can be replaced with a (thin) bearing.This further expands the range of customization.We hope that you will experience the unique round shape fit in your hands and the comfortable feeling when playing with your own hands. 

02The shell will be available only at the Rewind Shibuya store and the Rewind online store.

Release date
rewind Shibuya store: 7Month13Sun (sat)13Launched from time
Rewind: 16Sun (Tue)22Scheduled to be released from time