Announcement of mowl M + release

mowlFlagshipsFull metal yo-yo "MBased on
The development of M + started from the point of "let's make M bimetal".

By installing a stainless steel rim, rotation and monometal like never before
The contradictory yo-yo that leaves you feeling good is the concept of M +.

At the stage when development started to sell under the product name M +
Since it was decided, keep the shape of M as it is and use the outer rim for strength
I made a prototype by adjusting with the inner rim.

I couldn't find a good weight balance,
I made a lot of samples, so I will introduce XNUMX points.

M + prototype 001
It was too powerful and the accuracy was poor, so it was rejected immediately.
Finished in a yo-yo that feels the potential.

M + prototype 002
Although it feels better to play than 001
I felt something unsatisfactory and did not reach commercialization.

M + prototype 003
A form not found in the yo-yo market
Equipped with an inner rim
I was able to finish it with a satisfactory weight balance and face.

Image left:
M + prototype 003
Image right: M + OWL Logo Dark Green retail version

M on the logoAlso drawn on the perimeter Add the pattern on the perimeter of a yo-yo playing child on a Greek plate made around 420-440 BCIt was decided to sell it with full satisfaction.

▼ About artwork
The first lot of mowl M + is available in 2 colors and 4 types.
Based on M's regular logo Owl Logo and Circle Logo XNUMX types
It is a design with an owl motif and a simple design.

This artwork was made by HIBARI, one of the sponsors of 403 YOYO CLUB.

▼ About M +
mowl M +
Color: Orange / Blue Rim
            Dark Green / Blue Rim
Diameter: 55.5mm
Width: 42.5
Weight: 66.9gram 
Designed in Japan and Germany 
Made in China 

Price: 17,820 yen (tax included)
Release Date: Saturday, August 8th

Circle logo is Rewind Shibuya store, Yoyo shop Nest
Limited to the mowl Online Store.

▼ Finally
It was planned to be sold at 2018JN, but the release was delayed by XNUMX months due to an ordering error.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

If you can use hashtags on SNS etc.
Please use "#mplus".