Announcement of release of mowl M FISTSALUD Edition

On Saturday, January 1HeldAt 800 YOYO CLASS
Pre-sale of mowl M FISTS ALUD Edition.

The same design was sold in the 1st lot of M, but the light green was distributed to the people concerned and was not available to the general public.
And to commemorate the 6th anniversary of FISTSALUD, M FISTSALUD Edition Dark Green will be produced.

The design of FISTSALUD Edition is based on the motif of Nike, the goddess of victory that appears in Greek mythology.
We adopted the Nike motif design with the hope that we would win the tournament using M FISTS ALUD Edition.
And it was FISTSALUD Crew who was in charge of the design, and Mr. Hibari, who is familiar with the sponsorship of 403 YOYO CLUB, was in charge.

Since the number of stocks is particularly small, we will sell it at the mowl Online Store only when the stock remains after selling at 800 YOYO CLASS.

Please see 800 YOYO CLASS Twitter below for event details.