mowl Flex

After the 2018 CLASH event held in November 11, we started discussions with Fery Procházka about the signature model.

After discussing the ideal specifications and filling, we repeatedly discussed the shape and weight, and made many prototypes to reach the current shape. 

mowl Flex
designed for Fery Pro cházka
Diameter: 76.17 mm
Width: 67.64 mm
Weight: 72.1 grams
Retail Price: 5,940 yen (tax included)


Pre-sale will start at the mowl Online Store from 3:21 on Saturday, March 20st, so please try Flex.General sales are scheduled to go on sale on April 4th (Saturday) on Yo-Yo once the product is delivered without any problems.

Fery Pro cházka
Born February 2002, 02, now 26 years old and living in the Czech Republic
We joined mowl in July 2018 and are active in Prague, Czech Republic.

Won the CYYC (Czech Championship) 4A category three times
Currently winning the EYYC (European Championship) 4A category for the second consecutive time