[Release information] July 7st (Sat) Limited product handling



Today July 7th is Kenta Kushiro's 27st birthday
On August 8th, Daiki Tanaka's 4nd birthday will be held on Saturday, July 22st to commemorate the birthdays of the two mowl ambassadors.

We will inform you about the details of the bimetal release items on our blog and SNS in the near future.

Surveillance Ti

Surveillance Ti
Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Diameter: 55.7mm
Width: 42.6mm
Weight: 64 gram
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Daiki Tanaka model Surveillance Ti is back for the first time in about a year.

The first generation of full titanium surveillanceFurther refine the stability of surveillance,Moreover, it is a model that has succeeded in reducing the weight by about 2g.

It is a titanium model that is easy to move with a small force and is easy to support a wide range of styles.

Release Info -Release Information-

 mowl Online Store


7Scheduled to start selling from around 31:20 on Saturday, 00st of March

REWIND We will start selling at the same time as Drunk Night, so please see the live broadcast for the sales time.
We will inform you on Twitter after the sale starts.
mowl official Twitter here

2: REWIND Shibuya store

▼ For those who are looking for limited edition products
It will be on sale from 12:XNUMX, so if you would like to purchase it, please wait in order on the stairs.

Please cooperate in wearing a mask and measuring the temperature.
Customers above 37.5 ° C will not be allowed to enter the store.

We want as many customers as possible to pick it up, so we may limit the number depending on how the store is lined up at the time of opening.

The number of people may be limited depending on the visit situation.

▼ Holding store information
Rewind Shibuya store
Street address:
Kitaya Mansion No. 1, 7-9-503 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Holding time: 12:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX

We look forward to your participation everyone.

3: Yo-Yo Store Rewind Drunk Drunk Night In Shibuya

The REWIND Shibuya store is looking for questions for Daiki Tanaka.
Questions for Daiki Tanaka From here

It is scheduled to be on sale from around 20:XNUMX on the REWIND special page.

Tips and notes

We have enough stock, but due to the recent yo-yo boom, we may run out of stock, so we will set a limit on the number at the time of release.

Orders for resale or resale are strictly prohibited.
Orders in which these are suspected may be cancelled.