mowl M DWS Edition

2018Years6Month6Day yo yo daymowl The2Anniversary.

2Towards the anniversary, "I want to make an epoch-making product that has never existed in the yo-yo industry! Where I was looking forDirty Workers Studio(Less thanDWS) With membersSponsored by FISTSALUDI had a fateful encounter at the party. "To yo-yo" Color sink " Wouldn't it be interesting if we could do it? "From that story, development started at three companies: DWS, FISTSALUD, and mowl.

Make a base and put it on it" Color sink " And special coating is applied to prevent the marbling from peeling off.

DWSThe crew1point1By hand, it becomes the flagship model M of mowl. He did a "color sink" and coated it.

1One1One task cannot be imitated by an amateur, but ...
I had a hard time developing and working on a coating that could withstand the load of playing a yo-yo.

And the point to note this time is that some colors react to the black light and shine.

The price is 15,000 yen including tax,Limited sale of 1 pieces in all 16 colors, all of which are one-of-a-kind items.

At the JYYF boothIt will be exhibited on May 5th (Sat) and will be on sale the next day on 26th (Sun).
* If there are a large number of people who wish to purchase, we will sell one per person.

2018 JN (National Tournament) – 2018.5.26-27
Tournament name (English name): 2018 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (2018JN)
Tournament Name (Japanese Name): 20th 2018 All Japan Yo-Yo Championship
Date: May 2018th (Sat) – 5th (Sun), 26
Venue: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture "Yokohama City Education Center"

About DWS
Improving the technique of Japanese traditional technique "suminagashi", which is said to be the origin of marbling, Instantly transfer the pattern floating on the surface of the water to human skin A dyeing group that mainly develops Japan's first "body marbling".
"Sumi-nagashi" Reinterpreting the tradition of vivid colors with vivid colors Color sink " (Shiki-nagashi) Named

I paint it all at once.

Activities centered on outdoor parties,2017 Years 5 Held in Istanbul on the moon CHILL-OUT FESTIVAL Made his first overseas debut at.

We continue to draw to share the fascinating world of moments created by the colors that float on the water.

The expression method of drawing on water is easy to create some beauty with the help of the power of nature.

Beyond that, it's hard to control, the expressions are endless, and it's like a never-ending journey.

Nobody wants to do it, endless, beautiful dirty work in the world

That is our job.