800YOYOCLASS & Surveillance Right Eye Release Event

2 YOYO CLASS will be held on Saturday, February 17th.
It seems that Hank Freeman, who has won the world championships for the third time in a row, will be a special guest.
Hank lives in the United States and rarely sees it live, so please come to Kita-Kamakura.

At the product sales booth, we will sell mowl products.
The mowl Online Store also sells sold-out surveillance.

Please see the link below for details on the 800YOYO CLASS event.

Schedule:      2018Years2Month18Sun (Sun)
time:   17-18%
Location: Rewind Shibuya Mr
      Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Jinnan XNUMX-chome XNUMX-Nine Chatan Mansion 305issue
Cost: Free
Only rewind Shibuya store handles at the actual store

You can also try the new product "Survey" that will be released in March, so please tell us your impressions.
On both days of the event, two mowl ambassadors, Eiji Okuyama and Daiki Tanaka, will participate.