About products released on Saturday, September 4

We will release information about new products to be released from 4:4 on Saturday, April 20th on Yo-Yo Day.

You can see the details of the released items on each product page.

We are planning to release a total of 3 colors with a new matte black rim on the original colors of the original Surveillance [Dark Green] [Varity Red] [T Green].

Surveillance Ti

The surveillance has been made full titanium, the stability of the original surveillance has been further refined, and the weight has been reduced by approximately 2g.The titanium model, which is easy to move with a small force and easy to handle a wide range of styles, is scheduled to be released on the same day.

In addition, a limited edition Surveillance T-shirt will be presented to customers who purchase Surveillance or Surveillance Ti by 4:5 on April 23 (Sun) at the mowl Online Store due to general release.

* Please note that we do not accept size changes after April 4th.
If you wish to change the size, such as when you select the wrong size, please contact us by 4:5 on April 23th.
Shipping is scheduled for April 4th.


The signature model of European champion Fery Procházka will also be available on the same day.All Flexs scheduled to be released this time are regular models with the Armagiro logo engraved.In addition, we are planning to release a promotional video on YouTube mowl Channel from 4:4 on April 0th.

I am quoting the image from Rewind.

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