Surveil Notice about resale

We are pleased to inform you that we will release a new color of Survey for the first time in about 2 years.
We will also sell the survey that will be released this time and the skyline series of the city limited series.
Please note that the dealers of the Skyline series are different for each design.

mowl --Surveil 

mowl Ambassador Daiki Tanaka's signature model
Of the second
"Surveil" will be released for the first time in about 2 years.

The shape of the surveillance is reproduced with polycarbonate material, and it is a light and strong model peculiar to PC material without impairing operability and feeling.

The color is [Clear / Matte Gold Rim] [Clear / Matte Black Rim]
There are four types: [Yellow / Matte Black Rim] and [Red / Matte Black Rim].

Surveil Regular 

* Normal version of [Clear / Gold Rim] [Clear / Mad Black Rim]Is available in limited quantities and only in the mowl Online Store.


Surveil USA Skyline Edition 


Limited edition model of YoYo Expert and mowl Online Store, the largest yo-yo shop in the United States.
It is a special specification with the American cityscape engraved on the body.
There are two colors: [Clear / Matte Black Rim] and [Clear / Matte Gold Rim].

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, it takes time for the luggage to arrive at the yo-yo expert. Due to the influence, it will be sold immediately as soon as it arrives.

Surveil Nagoya Skyline Edition 

It is a special specification with the cityscape of Nagoya engraved on the body.

Clear / Matte Gold Rim:Only available at Rewind Main Store and mowl Online Store
Clear / Matte Black Rim:Only available for NEST and mowl Online Store



Yo-Yo Shop NEST: