January 1 New Year's Day mowl Online Store reopened

We become indebted to.
I'm Okuyama, who runs the mowl Online Store.

If you notice this year as well, there are only a few days left, and 2019 will be coming soon.
Thanks to you, the mowl Online Store will celebrate its 1st anniversary on January 1st.

1st Anniversary mowl's first lucky bag sale
And the XNUMXth new monometal Obsession will be released on the same day.

The office has moved to Osaka from early December and is ready to go.
The mowl Online Store will be reopened from January 1st.

About products sold for the first time on January 1st

mowl Lucky Bag

It is a lucky bag that will be released for the first time from mowl.
We have prepared two prices, 10,000 yen and 30,000 yen excluding tax.

The contents will be completely random one by one, so please enjoy opening.
* Some items have uneven color or slightly blurred items that are not a problem for use.
   Please note that it may be included.

mowl Obsession 

Color: Purple. Dark Green
Price: 7,992 yen (tax included)

mowl XNUMXth new undersized monometal Obsession

Many requests for undersize55 mmThere were many people who felt that it was big, so it was 54.5 mm.Derive the diameter and during playI made several samples to reduce sleep loss and finished it perfectly.

There is no change in shape or weight from the 44CLASH or the model sold in advance, but the logo has been slightly changed.It took time to discuss the design and concept in detail with the graphic designer, but I was able to finish the design with satisfaction.

About Obsession specs

Diamatter: 54.5 mm 
Width: 42mm 
Weight: 65.7 gram

mowl Surveillance 

Color: Pink / Rose Gold Rim
           Black / Rose Gold Rim
Price: 17,820 yen (tax included)

The rose gold rim, which will be installed for the first time, is very beautifully finished.Based on the rose gold rim, we have prepared two types, a pink body and a black body.

Surveillance Right Eye

Color: Pink / Rose Gold Rim
Price: 17,820 yen (tax included)

Right Eye will be on sale at the mowl Online Store from 1:3 on Thursday, January 20rd.

▼ About other stores
Rewind Shibuya store: On sale from January 1rd
Yo-Yo Shop Nest: Available only at stores from January 1th

mowl M SLUSNY Edition

Color: Purple. Gold
Price: 7,992 yen (tax included)

The side of the body is laser engraved with the Czech skyline logo.
Limited sale items at SLUSNY, mowl Online Store and events.

2019 is the same as this yearThank you for your guidance.