2018 All Japan Yo-Yo Championship WJ (West Japan Tournament)

I previously announced on Twitter, but
Year All Japan Yo-Yo Championship I will be sponsoring the district conference.

1Month27Held on Sunday (Sat)2018Year All Japan Yo-Yo Championship WJ(Western Japan Tournament)1AOf the department
Qualifying11SecondmowlAmbassador Daiki Tanaka will participate.
Of course, the model used uses the new color of surveillance designed and developed for Daiki Tanaka himself.

Of this timeWJWe have produced a new color gold rim surveillance for the (West Japan Tournament).
There are two new colors, Forest Green / Gold Rim and Gold / Gold Rim.

The hkmt equipment grip-C is initially installed from the model released this time.
A Turning Point K-Pad is also included, so please use your favorite pad.

We will put a new color surveillance in the sample corner of Mr., so please try it.
AndJYYFPre-sale of new color surveillance will be held at the official booth.

Pre-sale will usually be in two colors, Forest Green and Gold, with the logo (left eye).

The right eye logo is the actual store of some storesmowl Online StoreLimited handling.
Gold body:Yo-Yo Shop Nest
Forest Green: Rewind Shibuya store
We will report on the release date and details of the event to be held.

It has been well received3Okuyama has a sample scheduled to be released in March.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact Okuyama.

2018WJ (Western Japan Regional Convention) - 2018.1.27
Tournament name (English name): 2018 West Japan Yo-Yo Contest (2018WJ)
Tournament name (Japanese name): 2018Year All Japan Yo-Yo Championship Western Japan Regional Convention
event date: 2018Years1Month27Sun (sat)
Venue: Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture "Osaka City Kita Ward Citizens Center"
Supported by: Osaka City Community Association Kita Ward Branch Council
Details of the event are belowURLPlease check at.

We wish all the participants the best of luck.