January 2018, 1 (Friday) Rewind Shibuya New Year Party

Rewind will be held at Shibuya New Year's partyREWIND TVFor public recording
I will be able to participate.

Eiji Okuyama and Daiki Tanaka2I will participate in the recording by name.

mowlThe story at the time of launch and the secret story of product manufacturing
I would like to talk about future projects as long as time permits.

Schedule:2018Years1Month5Day (Fri)
Location: Green Lounge
Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo1-7-9Chatan MansionB1
Underground of the same building as Rewind Shibuya1F
1FThere is an entrance between the eyeglass shop and Chatan Park

time:1330Minutes ~2030Minute
・ No.1Department:1330Minutes ~1700Minute
·break(2Department preparation):1700Minutes ~1800Minute
・ No.2Department:1800Minutes ~2030Minute
We do not replace

Price (tax included)/XNUMX drink included at the time of admission)

On the day (payment at reception)
 3,000Yen (Preschoolers: free)
Serving alcohol/Because there is a sale20If you are over the age, please show your ID at the time of admission

For detailed event details, please see below.URLPlease check at.


We look forward to seeing you all.